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Visionary Spotlight: Meet Fancy Felder

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Introduce yourself and brand to the Visions of Greatness audience.

I'm Francheska Felder, but I prefer to go by my writing name, Fancy. I am the award-winning publisher and editor-in-chief of SwagHer Magazine, an empowerment and lifestyle publication for the new, progressive Black community. I'm also the co-hostess of Theories & Thoughts Podcast.

Why did you pursue entrepreneurship?

I've always been an ambitious creative and usually preferred to lead whatever project I take part in. However, jobs always made me feel less than as if I was never good enough, no matter what I did. That started with my first job. It put a massive dent in my confidence, which was already fragile because back then, I didn't know anything about being an introvert, battling anxiety, or being socially awkward. While many look to entrepreneurship for financial freedom, I clung to it because it seemed like it might be the only way I could do what I love while also being free to be myself and provide for my kids.