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Hey there Entrepreneur! I'm Shanna.

As a Psychotherapist, Business Coach, and Personal Development Strategist I help entrepreneurs create harmony in life and business through personal development, mental wealth, and sustainable business practices.

I look forward to connecting with you as we transcend #TheMentalCostofEntrepreneurship together. 


Love and Greatness.  


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Work With Me

Are you ready to transform your mindset and take your entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level?


Struggling with your mental health as an entrepreneur? 


Connect with me today. Together, we will combat #TheMentalCostofEntrepreneurship. 


AirBnb Consultation

Now is the time to leverage your time and hustle to propel you towards financial freedom. 

Short-Term Rentals are a great way to add an additional 4 or 5 figures of income every month! 

Book your consultation today.

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Brand Exposure

Visions of Greatness offers several opportunities for entrepreneurs to gain exposure via our platform.

Build your digital footprint and impact more people today!

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Women Colleagues


The Visions of Greatness Academy was created just for entrepreneurs and visionaries like you to create the life and business you’ve envisioned.

Our Founder, Shanna A. Jefferson, wants to empower, educate, and equip entrepreneurs to achieve success in their life and business.

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Checkout our products and services exclusive for entrepreneurs. 

The time is now to invest in your life and business. 


Talk Show

Catch the latest news for entrepreneurs.


Checkout our blog interviews with  entrepreneurs.


And more...on the Visions of Greatness Blog! 

What Others Have to Say

"Shanna is shifting the mindset of entrepreneurs and driven professionals to raise their level of self-awareness, allowing them to maximize their potential, talents, and intellectual property."

-Ty Hamilton, Brand Consultant & Graphic Designer 


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