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Tight Deadlines Can Help You Focus and Boost Your Productivity

Deadlines are amazing. They are the single best thing for boosting productivity. I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself. When you have a project that you know needs to be finished by 3pm in the afternoon, your focus increases, your concentration skyrockets, and you get as much work done that day, as you do all week when you’re not under a deadline.

This is so common in fact, that there’s a natural law written about it. It’s called Parkinson’s Law and it states that – and I’m paraphrasing here – that work expands to fill the time allotted. If you have 2 hours to get a blog post written, it will take you 2 hours. If you only have 25 minutes because you want to head out to meet a friend for coffee, you get it done in 25 minutes.

The next question, of course, if tight deadlines cause reduced quality in work. They usually don’t, unless the deadline is so tight that you have to cut corners right and left to meet it. The majority of the time though, if the deadline is somewhat reasonable, it will help you increase your focus and concentration. That not only allows you to work faster and get things done more quickly, it also helps you produce better work.