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The Only Systems You Really Need for a 6-Figure Business

💡 I have a blog and I post to it consistently

✔️ Using topics my audience wants and needs to hear

✔️ Using good keywords for SEO

✔️ Providing great information that establishes my credibility

💡 I maintain no more than four social media accounts

✔️ I consistently post updates

✔️ I consistently respond to my readers and encourage conversation

✔️ I make use of YouTube on a consistent basis

✔️ I stay up-to-date on new social networks my target audience uses

💡 I have created and hosted my “go-to” webinar presentation

💡 I am actively seeking out public speaking opportunities in

✔️ My local area

✔️ Niche conferences my audience is likely to attend

✔️ Meetup and business networking groups

✔️ Online conferences and telesummits

💡 I have brainstormed a book idea my audience will love

✔️ I have outlined my book

✔️ I have committed to writing for at least 30 minutes every day until the book is finished

💡 My email marketing system is solid, with:

✔️ Timely autoresponders designed to inform and engage readers

✔️ Occasional sales emails

✔️ A regular newsletter

💡 I actively seek out opportunities for in-person networking, such as

✔️ Local business get-togethers

✔️ Niche conferences

✔️ Area Meetup groups

✔️ Chamber of Commerce meetings

✔️ Volunteer opportunities

💡 I offer free consultations to

✔️ Get to know potential clients

✔️ Eliminate the “tire kickers”

💡 My sales funnel is strong, with clearly defined

✔️ Free product offers (my blog, social media, etc)

✔️ Opt-in offers

✔️ Low-cost products

✔️ Mid-range products

✔️ High-cost products and services

💡 I have a series of well-planned special offers for every occasion

✔️ One-time-offers for buyers

✔️ Cross promotions in my cart and on my download pages

✔️ Upsell offers in my cart

✔️ Downsell offers for those who do not buy

💡 My shopping cart makes me look professional in every way, including

✔️ Seamless handling of product delivery

✔️ Multiple ways to pay

✔️ Easy refunds and credits

✔️ Coupons, bundles, and other special offers

💡 My customer support is top-notch, with

✔️ Well-developed FAQ pages

✔️ Thoughtful follow-up messages for buyers

✔️ A help-desk to resolve issues quickly


About Shanna A. Jefferson

Hey there Entrepreneur!

I’m Shanna and I understand your journey as an aspiring or emerging entrepreneur in building your business and brand.

As a Mental Health Therapist and Business Coach, I teach entrepreneurs how to plan, strategize and monetize💰 their vision without sacrificing their mental health🧠. I aim to serve as a beacon of hope, light, change, and Greatness!

Text "Visionary" to 77948 to schedule a Discovery Call.



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