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National Women's Small Business Month: Meet Carmen Caldwell

Introduce yourself to the Visions of Greatness audience.

Hi, Visionaries! A little about me . . . At my core, I am a believer in Jesus. I absolutely love being an Auntie to my nieces and nephews. One of my core values is fun. I do my best to laugh often and do things that feed my soul.

I love game shows. I've been on Family Feud and Celebrity Name Game. I have my eyes set on a few other shows as well.

As an entrepreneur, I am a relationship coach helping women (and a few men) show up fully and connect in their relationships with God, self, and others so they can experience joy and fulfillment in life, in love, and at work. I help people break through limiting beliefs, overcome fears, and walk fully in purpose and vision.

I also work with organizations to help foster healthy working relationships among staff.

Who or what inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?

I was inspired to pursue entrepreneurship because one of my core values is freedom. I define freedom as the ability to give and live as my heart desires. Entrepreneurship offers the opportunity for both time and financial freedom. In addition, I desire to create greater impacts in philanthropy. Entrepreneurship affords me the ability to give at a greater capacity.

Tell the Visions of Greatness audience more about your products/services.

I am excited to share my new 12-week coaching program, Ready for Love, designed to help women that haven't dated in years to get over their past, embrace their today to create the life and love they desire and deserve. In the program, we explore the past patterns, current mindsets, and any blocks that may keep you from finding love. We also work through the practical side of dating, from what to wear to setting up an online dating presence.

I also offer premium one-on-one coaching packages.

For organizations, I offer various relationship-building training, from effective communication to implicit racial bias to personality assessments to team building.

What adjustments have you made in your life and business since the pandemic?

With COVID, I've had to move my training and speaking arm of my business online. As previously scheduled events were shifted online, I was able to continue. Some were rescheduled, others cancelled. All in all, COVID-19 helped me to become more creative in what I offer to organizations.

What advice would you give to women struggling to balance their life and business?

I would say, release the idea of balance. Balance is a fallacy. Instead, seek harmony. Harmony is the dance between your different roles in life and business that create a beautiful blend of them all. Sometimes you give more to one and other times you give more to the other. The important thing is that you decide the when and how of your time and energy is spent based upon a plan created with others involved in your life and business.

I would advise women to forecast your business workload and share that with those in your life that need to be aware of your projected time for your business. Sit and create a plan for how you will create harmony. It will feel unbalanced, but remember that it is intentional and you have a plan. The plan creates harmony and ultimately the peace of mind that all things have been considered and agreed upon. Of course, there may need to be course corrections along the way but stay in communication with your family and team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Share with us one ingredient in your secret sauce for success.

My secret sauce is a combination of prayer/meditation and coaching. It is the consistency of being in silence and stillness to hear God's voice and to help guide me in my decisions. I truly believe we all need coaches, therapists, and mentors along our journey in life and especially in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship exposes you; the good, the bad, and the ugly. You will need a place to take that exposure and process it. Having coaches, therapists, and mentors are healthy places to process all that arises as you maneuver entrepreneurship.

How can the Visions of Greatness audience connect with you?

Follow me on all social media platforms: @carmenconnectsu

Visit my website:


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