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Countdown to 10 years!

This journey as a business owner and entrepreneur will have you questioning many things...but always remember this…

🎤 The power of obedience, believing in you, having faith, demonstrating perseverance, never giving up, stepping out of your comfort zone, and giving credit to the Most High is life-changing.-Shanna A. Jefferson

What a ride this has been!

Six months from today, I will celebrate 10 years as a Full-Time Business Owner!

Mark your calendars for February 25, 2023. Details forthcoming.

But until then…I have some unfinished business!

✅Show entrepreneurs how to invest in their mental wealth and personal development with our Mental Wellness Checkups, “Monetize Your Vision” Intensive, and the Visions of Greatness Academy

✅Help an additional 50 mental health professionals start or scale their practice through our “Beyond The Couch” intensive

✅Share my entrepreneurial journey along with amazing contributing authors in Volume II of The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship

✅Hire an additional clinician and team member for my private practice

✅Host Business Retreat

✅Recognize 10 special people who have demonstrated a commitment to my vision

📱Stay connected by texting Visionary to 888-365-4375!

Let’s WIN together!

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