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Black Business Month: Meet Ebony Walker

Introduce yourself and brand to the Visions of Greatness audience.

My name is Ebony Walker and I am the face behind The Unlimited Woman. The idea behind this name is that I am free to operate as me in my own lane - therefore, I have no limitations when I manifest in my assignments. As The Unlimited Woman, I'm an author, entrepreneur, ghostwriter, wife, mother, and pastor.

Why did you pursue entrepreneurship?

It was a "God" thing. I've always been innovative and willing to help others. But it was until I was FORCED to let my gift make room for me that I realized what I was called to do. I worked in a company where arriving seconds late to work on a snow day will result in a great salary deduction. Eventually, it needed to downsize and that reason resulted in my unemployment, but it pushed me towards my destiny. I did freelance work for a while, then realized that I could be in business for myself. And that was the start. Being able to help my husband provide for our family has been my fuel in continuing what I am doing.