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Are You Building a Business or Longing for Someone Else’s Success?

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And when it comes to making comparisons between your business and others, you are fighting a losing battle and sucking the joy out of life and your business.

When you compare your business with others, you’re only looking at the outside image; you’re not privy to the inner workings of that business and we all know how deceiving outside images can be. Just take a look at you social media feeds! You don’t know what happens “behind closed doors” nor do you have control over the actions of another business owner. Instead of focusing your attention on what THEY are doing, focus on YOUR end goals and the actions that YOU can control.

Change Your Mindset

I hear so many entrepreneurs say, “I should be further along than I am,” meaning “I’ve been in business for X years so I should be making so much more money.” It could also mean your name recognition factor should be higher after so many years. These comments usually come on the heels of hearing about the full speaking calendars of other coaches or seeing a tremendous book launch. Who wouldn’t want that kind of success, right?

In reality, these comments stem from jealousy. Success always seems to come easily to others, right? But you’re forgetting – or simply don’t know – how long that person has been writing their book or how many ‘NOs’ they heard before landing their first speaking gig. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, create your own action plan to reach your goals (which don’t have to be the same as those in this example). Take notes about how your mentors reach these goals – some may even publicize their process in a blog post or eBook – but take that action plan and tweak it to fit your audience and your business.