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5 Tips to Prevent Entrepreneurial Burnout

Updated: 17 hours ago

With the stressors of entrepreneurship, burnout can be very common amongst entrepreneurs. Thus, it is imperative that entrepreneurs take a holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

What is burnout?

According to Psychology Today, burnout is a state of chronic stress that leads to:

  • physical and emotional exhaustion

  • cynicism and detachment

  • feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment

Signs of Burnout in Entrepreneurs

  1. Depression: Most entrepreneurs experience bouts of depression as they undergo a period of isolation while trying to think of the right business model while not having adequate time to take care of themselves. They are often used to the mentality of “time is money” which often deprive them of sleep, leisure, exercise, and other activities that could lift them out of depressive state. Entrepreneurs often try to cover up their depressive state by opting to work more extended hours. At times, they take their depressive symptoms to mean stress, which could aggravate the symptoms.

  2. Self-Worth Issues: Many entrepreneurs self-worth is closely linked to their net-worth. When they are experien