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Visionary Spotlight: Sunja "Dannette" Harris

We are elated to shine the spotlight on visionary entrepreneurs across the United States thanks to our Visionary Sponsor, SwagHer Magazine and Media!

Today, we introduce you to Sunja "Dannette" Harris!

Introduce yourself to the Visions of Greatness audience. I'm Sunja Harris also know as, Sunja Dannette. I'm originally from Albany GA and currently based in Augusta Ga. I'm a Singer/Songwriter, Author, and entrepreneur. I have a tutoring company, Tailored Tutor Language Services where I Tutor, teach, and translate Spanish. I also have Gifted and Inspired Bilingual Publishing and Notary as I'm a bilingual Notary Public and am publishing my books, resources, and music via my publishing company.

Who or what inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?

A seed was planted when I was about to create a partnership with a friend. That plan fell through, but I continued on my own. I also have to say that living on Atlanta was a huge inspiration and motivation to me because I was surrounded by successful entrepreneurs.

Tell the Visions of Greatness audience more about your products/services.

I have books available for purchase on Amazon "Overcoming the odds: a story of tragedy, trauma, and triumph", "Better than a lullaby: Children's book of affirmations" I have original music streaming on all platforms. I offer private Spanish sessions virtual, and in person I am also a singer/Songwriter/host for events, serenades, and any other program.

Let's switch gears briefly and discuss the COVID-19 pandemic. What adjustments have you made in your life and business since the pandemic started?

I started my tutoring business with virtual classes because of the convenience. I did plenty of virtual performances during covid. It worked and it's something I will continue to do because social media isn't going anywhere.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs struggling to balance their life and business?

Get organized. Stay passionate. Always make time for your family and your business and if at all possible incorporate both in your business.

Share with us one ingredient in your secret sauce for success.

I never give up. I keep trying new ways to meet my goals and get the word out to potential clients.

How can the Visions of Greatness audience connect with you?

Facebook: @sultrysunjavocals Twitter: @SunjaDannette Instagram: @Sunja_Dannette Tiktok: @SunjaDannette

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