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Visionary Spotlight: KATRINA BELL

Today, we introduce you to Katrina Bell!

Introduce yourself to the Visions of Greatness audience. I am a native of Charleston, SC and grew up in the Red Top Community. I have a B.S. in Sociology/Health from the College of Charleston, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Webster University, and a specialty Master’s Degree in Gerontology (Elderly Aging). I am licensed to practice Counseling in SC, NC, GA and FL. I have experience helping with General Life Issues, Transitions, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and Bipolar Disorders as well. I am also a LGBTQIA and Alternative Lifestyle friendly therapist. I enjoy working with teenagers, women and young adults, but also work with couples. I also work with clients struggling with grief/loss, stress from daily life, or finding the motivation to accomplish necessary next steps. My focus is to help clients begin the process of moving forward and making positive changes towards a brighter future. I have many years of experience as a school-based mental health counselor and clinical therapist and have helped countless students and families build a tool-set to healthily manage their emotions, increase their self-esteem, and learn coping skills that will help them for the rest of their life. I enjoy integrating my knowledge of education and mental health issues to help families solve problems and overcome personal issues and work towards positive professional, home and school experiences. I am dedicated to helping others improve their lives through education, insight, and change and am humbled to be a part of her clients’ journey towards reaching their goals through counseling.

Who or what inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship? I was inspired to pursue entrepreneurship after Independently Contracting for a few years. I recognized that I could offer the same services and reach my target population while allowing the flexibility to make my own schedule. I also like being able to make the rules on how I do business.

Tell the Visions of Greatness audience more about your products/services. I offer therapy for individuals and couples virtually. I am also the creator of several journals that I use in my practice.

What are the 3 most valuable lessons you have learned as an entrepreneur? You have to be organized. You are the face of your brand. Do it Scared!

Why is mental health important for entrepreneurs? I have learned that you can feel like you are alone when you are an entrepreneur and it can be very overwhelming so I believe that it is important to be in tune with your mental health. Not staying on top of your mental health can be detrimental to your brand an business so it is very important.

How do you overcome adversity in your life and business? I work really hard to stay positive, but it can be tough at times. I do Mindfulness practices to keep myself grounded when things get tough. I utilize journaling, breathing exercises as well as leaning on my support system for help.

Share with us one ingredient in your secret sauce for success. Being my authentic self What's your vision for 2023 and beyond? My vision is to expand my brand to create more awareness about mental health in the African American community.

How can the Visions of Greatness audience connect with you? Email: Phone: 843-739-6637 Website: Facebook: IG:

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