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Visionary Spotlight: Glendora Dvine

We are elated to shine the spotlight on visionary entrepreneurs across the United States thanks to our Visionary Sponsor, SwagHer Magazine and Media!

Today, we introduce you to Glendora Dvine!

Introduce yourself to the Visions of Greatness audience.

I am a licensed therapist and have always been the one to try and help someone else even when I didn't have the resources. I was the one who always believe in God and if I have the will he will provide away. I have been a nationally accredited licensed counselor since 2007 and board-certified in Telemental Health since 2014. I founded Dvine Systems GA, a mental & behavioral health practice in 2010. I have become recognized for her passion in 2 primary areas 1) Family safeguarding through healthy mental living 2) Coaching mental health professionals in their journey of building, scaling, and growing in Telemental Health. I started successfully coaching mental health clinicians in 2020 when I launched my coaching program "Build. Scale. Grow. In Telemental Health," where I have facilitated clinicians in becoming leaders in their community and online through her branding systems VCC. My VCC Systems has helped clinicians understand the importance of being able to voice their niche, shine with confidence, and talk with competence. My system is founded on Visibility, Confidence, and Competence. My works also include; Give an Hour Wounded Warrior Program, which is dedicated to providing therapeutic services to U.S. troops and their families. I served as a trainer for Georgia Commercial Sexually Exploited Children, in 2012 which helped to bring awareness to counseling agencies, schools, and the general community related to Georgia’s at-risk youths being sexually exploited and trafficked.

Who or what inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?

I am meant to serve others it comes to me easily and naturally. I am proud of my business because I have literally seen the impact that it has had on the community. I have witnessed people live better lives and change old negative patterns. I have seen generational curses be broken and new traditions and rituals are created and implemented in families that once struggled to be in the same room. I have witnessed mental health professionals become more confident in