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New Book Release

The power of obedience, believing in yourself, having faith, demonstrating perseverance, never giving up, stepping out of your comfort zone, and giving credit to the Most High is life-changing.

October 31 is meaningful to me for many reasons...💙

🗓 10.31.12

Passed my Clinical Exam which paved the way for me to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in multiple states


I foreclosed on complacency, fear, excuses, and “no” and walked into greater obedience as I took a life-changing step on my Greatness journey.

My obedience led me to Atlanta. Not to live in the traditional sense as I commute between NC, SC, and GA.

But to live in obedience!


Commenced business operations at Visions of Greatness Enterprises


Along with 8 trailblazing Visionary Entrepreneurs, I released my 7th book #TheMentalCostofEntrepreneurship. Thank you Annette J Morris MA, Marvin A McQueen II, Demarcus Holloway, LeKeshia Lynch, Jessica Sierra Jefferson, Kaheim Johnson, Nyesha Robinson, and Alicia Wright Williams for contributing to my vision.

🙌On this journey, I’ve been blessed with divine connections, a renewed purpose, and #VisionsofGreatness! I am forever grateful for each of you for taking a step with me on this journey to Greatness.💙

🔑Click below to order your autographed copy today.

Love and Greatness.


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