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Let's Celebrate...

Faith is taking the first step…even when you don’t see the whole staircase. -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Happy February 25!

Unbelievable! Today is my business anniversary!!! 🎉

Eight years ago today, I established my first business, Destination Greatness Mental Health Services in Durham, NC.

That powerful quote by Dr. King is certainly just as relevant today as it was 8 years ago, and as it was when Dr. King verbalized those words many years ago.

This journey over the last 8 years has afforded Destination Greatness the opportunity to serve several thousand individuals and families throughout NC, SC, GA and NJ.

In addition, to the direct services we have provided workshops and engaged in numerous community events.

In 2019, we were blessed to receive the 1st ever Tatiyana Award presented by ATL Hottest for our efforts in promoting mental wellness amongst entrepreneurs.

For the foreseeable future, Destination Greatness Mental Health Services will continue to help men and women who are experiencing anger, grief, shame or depression reclaim their superpower to live their best life.

The future of Destination Greatness reaps continued Greatness.

As the CEO and Lead Psychotherapist, I am committed to transcending adversity to achieve greatness with you.

Thank you for taking another step with Destination Greatness.

To schedule a Mental Wellness Discovery Call, text "LetsTalk" to 77948.

Love and Greatness.

Shanna A. Jefferson, MSW, LCSW, LISW-CP/S

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