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Marvin McQueen II

In his chapter titled "Created for Change", Marvin A McQueen II shares timeless principles to help you create change through entrepreneurship. Marvin proclaims “Change can happen for you, with you, and because of you”.

My Story

Marvin McQueen II is the owner and founder of the Creating Change Group where he is serves as a resource for personal and professional development. Marvin is an author, motivational change consultant, keynote speaker, business coach and certified life coach. Marvin takes on the mission of offering the best opportunity for people to get motivated and move forward in life.

During his life Marvin has served on the board of directors of not-for-profit organizations, a

mentor for at risk youth and in various positions for other community driven initiatives. Marvin’s

primary focus is to help people around the world to be motivated with their life, acquire positive

movement at the same time build the biggest momentum towards achieving great success and

progress in life.

Marvin greatly believes that every individual can be considered as a winner. This is the reason

why he was able to empower different walks of life for all the people who are greatly in need of

encouragement to find out and take a path of motivated and successful life. With his messages

regarding hope, faith and motivation, he had already shaped mentalities and hearts of a huge

number of people around the world.

Marvin is a native Floridian who enjoys listening to music and spending time relaxing at the



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