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Jessica Sierra Jefferson

Jessica believes "the toughest competitor you will ever compete with is yourself" and in her chapter "Survival Mode" She discusses how you can cope up with everyday entrepreneurial challenges.

My Story

Born and raised in the beautiful low country of South Carolina, Jessica grew up with a strong southern background. Praise and Worship, eating, night-life, riding her motorcycle, fishing, hunting, camping, and watching the sun rise over the beach are her favorite get aways. At an early age she joined the Baptist church that was home to her family, and served as a member on the usher board. She enjoyed visiting local churches in the area for revivals, gospel programs, and several annual events. She gives credit to her Christian upbringing for the love and faith she has in God to continue to strive, along with the pure characteristics she holds as one of the most loving and genuine people you could encounter.  

Not only is Jessica currently in Medic School, recently obtained her Mortgage Loan Officer certification, and preparing for her National Exam, Jessica is the loving mother of a beautiful, three-year-old baby girl, a Real Estate Agent, a Basic Life Support Instructor, and Sales Entrepreneur. She is a jack of all trades and very diverse. She loves to instill the quality of life into younger women so that they may not encounter all the hardships and stumbling blocks as she did on her journey.  At the age of 33, she feels as if she is playing catch up on moments and desires, she would have completed years ago, if she was taught about opportunities that benefited her as an individual. One thing she doesn’t do is regret her journey and experiences. Jessica is enjoying seeing herself grow in her prime and learning more about what she has to offer herself as an individual and mother, all while she is rendering care, love, and knowledge to her coworkers, patients, friends, family, and clients. If Jessica could share a few words with the entire universe, it would be the famous quote that you should remind yourself of EVERYDAY; “Live, Laugh, and Love!”


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