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Welcome to the
Visions of Greatness Academy! 


Attention Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: You don’t need to add MORE “stuff” to your business to make MORE. In fact, it’s just the opposite… 


Simplify Your Business–and Pump Up Your Profits–In Just 30 Days!


Do you wake up every day already overwhelmed? Are you drowning in subscriptions, apps and almost-but-not-quite-done projects? Are you looking for something to save your sanity–and your bank account?


Hey there,

I have a few very serious questions for you, my fellow entrepreneurs.

Tell me. Are you:

Overwhelmed with a big-fat—O with countless apps, subscriptions and tools you thought you needed to grow your biz, even though some you’ve never even used?

Buried under half-finished funnels and projects and all those “brilliant” ideas that sounded so good in your head, but never came to fruition?

Distracted as all get out by the shiny objects all over the Internet and Internet marketers screaming, “Buy this app!,” “Take this course!,” “Use this thing!”?

I’m gonna bet the answer is YES.

Seriously: If you’re like most people who’ve run their businesses online for a few years, then chances are you don’t even know what you own anymore and you’ve spent more on digital courses and subscriptions than you’d like to admit — even to yourself.

As a result? You’re in a perpetual state of overwhelm, your life is governed by distractions and whenever you sit down at your computer or start scrolling through your mobile, you feel instantly on edge (and lost).

‘Cause the truth is, all the things you thought were supposed to help make life easier and all those “awesome” ideas you thought were “the one,” but then abandoned a week later?

They’ve only complicated your digital life (and business), and made it harder to get things done, keep track of everything and make more money (whether you realize that last bit or not).

Here’s the Truth: Too Much “Extra Fluff” in Your Business Affects Your Productivity–and Your Profits!

It’s not just your ability to focus and get things done that goes down the tubes when you’re overwhelmed with too many apps, tools and half-baked assets (like all those almost-done e-books, blog posts, content upgrades, programs…you name it).

It’s also bad for your bottom line when you’re paying for tools that you don’t need (or use) or putting off launching new offers because your business is littered with products, packages or other content with “loose ends.”

The good news is…

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a ton of tools that are overpriced, underutilized or both…

…Or feel like you’ve got a million projects just lingering in limbo–and taking up plenty of precious brain space…

…Or just feel like you’re suffocating under digital clutter, but don’t know where to start “trimming the fat”…

There IS a light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Yep, it’s completely possible to simplify your business and then amplify your efforts and profits and get your time, money and sanity back!

I’m gonna hit you with an analogy, so stay with me.

You know what happens when you’re training for a body-building competition, right?

First, you cut. You get lean. You “trim the fat.” You tighten things up. You eat less.

Then, you build strength and muscle. You “buff things up.” You start working with what you got, to create something even bigger.

Well…if you want to stop feeling suffocated, overwhelmed and leaking profits in your biz, you’ve gotta do the same thing for your business!

Yes, ‘body-building’ for your business is a process. But it’s a process that over time, will lead to incredible gains. (See what I did there? Gains? Anyway…)

Investing just one month into streamlining your business now can have benefits not only on your pocket book, but on your brand and health and business vision too–for years to come.

I can help.

Just imagine what it’d be like to have someone walk you through exactly what you need to do to organize, streamline and simplify your coaching business and then squeeze every little drop out of what you already have!

Are you ready to whip your business into shape?




Roadmap To Greatness:

30-Day Business Bootcamp



I’m going to show you exactly how you can streamline, organize and get your business into tip-top shape and finally…

✔️     Stop paying for tools you don’t need! (This is major cause of stress for many entrepreneurs. I’m over it, and I bet you are, too!)

✔️     Make more cash without creating more content– just by finding and refining assets you’ve already got!

✔️     Say see ya to shiny object syndrome (and all the overwhelm that comes with it), once and for all!

✔️    Repurpose old, forgotten content into new, immediate money-makers–so you can finally let go of old projects for good and make space for new ideas!

✔️ Discover exactly which projects, side hustles and offers are sucking up your precious resources–so you can let them go for good (without guilt)

✔️Reset your business—and get back into the flow with renewed confidence and clarity!


Sound like just what you’re after? Here’s everything included in this 4 module, self-paced course…

Module 1: Say Goodbye to Distractions + Get Back Into Your Creative Flow

It’s time to make sense of the chaos! Get ready to take stock of everything you have gunning for your attention and make some clear-cut decisions about what matters to your business and your bottom line–and what doesn’t.

Module 2: How to Let Go of Costly Burdens to Create a More Profitable, Streamlined Business

We’ve all done it. We sign up for products and programs with the best of intentions, and two years later, we’re still paying for them…and haven’t ever used them. Oops! Module 2 is all about cleaning up your mistakes and making room for more business wins.

Module 3: How Optimizing + Leveraging Your Existing Resources Can Result in Positive Cash Flow

Half-finished funnels, opt-in incentives without a clear call to action, fantastic blog posts with no content upgrade… all of these non-optimized assets are actually costing you money. Module 3 will give you the tools and techniques you need to bring all your old assets out of hiding, turn former flops into functioning funnels, repurpose old content into money-making machines and finish (or get rid of) all those “One day” projects, fast.

Module 4: Apply These Simple Tweaks to Take Your Business to a Whole New Level

Once you’ve got your sales funnels back in full swing, it’s time to take it all to the next level by deciding which products can be completed or reworked to bring in more cash!


A Few Small Tweaks Can Slim Down Your Biz and Beef Up Your Bank Account!

Just imagine …

✔️     Knowing exactly which tools, apps and subscriptions were worth your hard-earned cash every month (and which aren’t!)

✔️     Worrying about in the day-to-day management of your biz–less tools, less apps, less ‘clutter’, less bills!

✔️     Finally making REAL money from those half-finished funnels and content you’ve already created–instead of letting it sit on your desktop and collect dust or constantly creating from scratch.

✔️    No longer paying for tools, apps and features you never use–so you get your money, time and sanity back!

If you want to get more out of your business, it starts with simplifying. Once you get rid of what no longer works, all you have to do is beef up whatever you decide to keep, so you get the most out of every single investment–whether it’s a tool or that old half-written e-book your (almost) forgot about!


If you’re ready to stop spending money on tools and resources you don’t need, stop feeling overwhelmed by all the products, programs, tools and apps (not to mention monthly auto-drafts) you have to keep track of, and start making the most out of what you DO have (with just a few tweaks)….I can help.

Let’s do this!


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