BeBodacious: A 30 Day Challenge For Entrepreneurs To Elevate Your Life  
Are you Bold? Are you Audacious? As an entrepreneur, Bold and Audacious are paramount traits to propel you to Greatness.


The BeBodacious Challenge is designed to guide the aspiring and emerging entrepreneur through 30 days of focused work that will elevate your spirit, business and health! This guide includes:

  • Entrepreneur-Themed Assignments 
  • Fitness Video Links
  • Spiritual Challenges


The challenges emphasize 5 #toolsforsuccess critical for all entrepreneurs: Detox Your Life, Self-Care, Boss Up, Mindset Motivation, and Celebrate!!!

In all that you do, BeBodacious!!!!

Be Bodacious: A 30-Day Challenge for Entrepreneurs to Elevate Your Life


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