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National Women's Small Business Month: Meet Pri'Ankh McMillian

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Introduce yourself to the Visions of Greatness audience.

My Name is Pri'Ankh but everyone calls me Kayla. I’m a 9-year breast and cervical [cancer] survivor. I’m also a mom of three beautiful children, and author of "Broken But Not Shattered". I opened my business because of my own journey with breast cancer so that I can help more woman gain back their confidence through their journey with cancer treatments and life after treatment. I want every woman I come in contact to feel beautiful with and without their hair.

Who or what inspired you to pursue entrepreneurship?

Breast cancer inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I was in chemotherapy and all of my hair fell out. I went on to find wigs they offered for free and I didn’t like them at all. I expressed myself about it to a friend and she connected me with a lady who made wigs. I said from that day I put the wig on that it was made for me. I wanted every woman to feel just how I did. I got my confidence back, I had a smile on my face. But through the process I found who I was without my hair. Now I own a hair company that provides great hair products: wigs and hair extensions to help add or give them hair.

Tell the Visions of Greatness audience more about your products/services.

Our hair and wigs are 100% human. We have many textures to choose from and we cater to women who suffer hair loss through cancer treatment and Alopecia.

What adjustments have you made in your life and business since the pandemic?

I ship more since COVID-19. I miss getting to sit down and get to know the person who is on a new hair journey.

What advice would you give to women struggling to balance their life and business?

Take your time. Never second guess yourself and spend time with your family often.

Share with us one ingredient in your secret sauce for success.

Falling... meaning I had to get back up after my money and product being stolen and having to rebuild my brand.

How can the Visions of Greatness audience connect with you?


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