The Life & Legacy of  George M. Jefferson

George M. Jefferson

He was a colorful person.-The Honorable W.M. Jefferson


For those who knew George Jefferson, I’m certain this statement by his twin brother resonates mightily!

George Jefferson is the epitome of faith, perseverance, persistence, and courage. He dedicated his life to eradicating social ills. He stood for what was right even if he had to stand alone.

Stay connected as we will continue to further the life and legacy of George M. Jefferson through a multitude of endeavors. 

Love and Greatness, 

(Daughter of George M. Jefferson) 

A Celebration of Greatness: Tribute to George M.Jefferson

Join us on August 10 for A Celebration of Greatness in commemoration of the 90th Birthday of George M. Jefferson.

The ceremony will also include the inaugural presentation for The George M. Jefferson Courage Award which will be presented to a community member who embodies the spirit of courage in the face of adversity and makes selfless contributions to the community.


This momentous occasion will take place at 1pm on August 10, 2019 at Mt. Tabor Baptist Church located at 944 Railroad Avenue in Allendale.

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Thanks for the continued love and support as I further the life and legacy of my Father, Mr.George M. Jefferson. 

Love and Greatness,
Shanna A. Jefferson


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