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LeKeshia Lynch

In her chapter titled "The Stress of Leadership and the Importance of Psychological Hygiene", Certified Wellness and Business Coach LeKeisha M. Lynch shares why Psychological Hygiene is important in Stewardship and Leadership. With over 29 years’ experience in the fields of health, mental health, and addiction; LeKeisha offers three valuable principles that entrepreneurs, leaders, and others can implement to elevate their psychological wellness.

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My Story

Hello. Welcome to my chapter on The Mental Cost of Entrepreneurship: The Stress of Leadership and the Importance of Psychological Hygiene. Thank you for allowing me to share why Psychological Hygiene is especially important in Stewardship and Leadership.

The author, Lekeshia Lynch MSW, LCSWS, LISW-CP, Certified Wellness Coach and Business Coach from Concord, North Carolina. She is the mother of 5 wonderful children: Dayjzon, Dajoui, Jeremiah, Elijah and Iyonna and dedicate her first co-authored book to her children.  She is the Founder and CEO of The International Center for Wellness PLLC and Licensed Psychotherapist currently practicing in the states of North and South Carolina. Lekeshia, founder, and Clinical Director of the Center for Wellness is a graduate of the University of South Carolina-Columbia and Johnson C. Smith University Metropolitan College, Charlotte NC. She has over 29 years' experience in the field of health, mental health, and addiction.

Lekeshia, a professional mentor to aspiring Psychotherapist completing their master's degree in Social Work and Clinical Counseling. She is a Clinical Field Coordinator for Winthrop University, Walden University and Livingstone College. She is also a Member of The National American Business Women’s Association in District One and a chapter member of Women Connecting Women and The Columbia Triad chapters of South Carolina. 

The Center for Wellness PLLC is a group practice located in the Charlotte Metro area and provides high quality care tailored to meet individual needs of the patient. The organizational goal is to provide an intimate environment that is safe, supportive, and confidential. Lekeshia has a professional interest in whole health and wellness. Lekeshia practice from an Eclectic perspective to address the generational challenges of health and mental health ailments. Getting to the root cause of mental illness is ideal for successful long-term recovery. Supporting the need for treatment for both physical and mental illness is ideal.  You can learn more about The International Center for Wellness on the agency website: You can follow Lekeshia on Instagram at: LivingwellwithLekeshia and Facebook @ The International Center for Wellness.


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