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5-Day Email Course
*Exclusive for Entrepreneurs*

Envision the day when you are living intentionally in your purpose and creating your legacy that will impact the world. Take charge of your life and business today as you Unleash Your Greatness!

As a mental health therapist and entrepreneur, I help entrepreneurs minimize stress to increase profitability. 

I challenge you to #UnleashYourGreatness by taking a holistic approach to entrepreneurship today. 

Enrollment starts October 15!


Day 1: The Visionary Mindset 
Day 2: Detox Your Life 
Day 3: Mental Self-Care
Day 4: Income Manifestation  
Day 5: The BOSS Lifestyle

Day 6:  Tools For Success  

Day 7: Share Your Story   


  1. Explore the roadblocks hindering your success 

  2. Improve mental clarity

  3. Recognize signs of mental distress

  4. Decrease overwhelm in your life and business 

  5. Increase harmony in your life and business 

  6. Increase productivity

  7. More profitability 

Course Details

*For 7 consecutive days, you will receive a daily email with your course including a BONUS motivational tip from our Visionary, Ms. Shanna A. Jefferson. 

*No worries if you miss a day as the course is 100% self-paced. 

*Worksheets to enhance your learning as the goal is to implement and execute what you have learned. 

The #UnleashYourGreatness e-course is valued at $97. For a limited time, your investment is only $27 thanks to a Visionary Partner!!!! 

BONUS: Free E-Book and Visionary T-Shirt 

If you are an aspiring or emerging entrepreneur, then this e-course is for you!

Take advantage today by clicking “I’m Ready”!

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